There are many reasons to wear a head wrap; for every person you will usually find that a head wrap holds a different meaning. Here are a few of my reasons: it serves as a protective layer for my natural hair on days when I don't want to touch my hair, it locks in moisture (essential for the summertime), and it's a great stylish addition to every outfit.

I usually wear my wraps in two different styles. One style showcases my hair out in the front with a bow tie, and the other style has all of my hair tucked in the wrap, creating a knot on top. On a good hair day I'll wear the bow look, and on a bad hair day I'll wear the knot look. Both are pretty perfect in my opinion, though! Here's how to create your bow tie head wrap.

Step One:  Take your wrap lengthwise and stretch it out a bit to get rid of some of the wrinkles. After you're done stretching, wrap your wrap around the back of your head. Ideally, you want your wrap to be even on both sides of your head to create a finished, even bow. 

Step Two:  Take the two ends of your wrap and bring them forward and together in one hand. With your other hand (usually the hand you write with) pull the fabric from your wrap up and over the crown of your head. Depending on how much hair you have ( I have a lot), either your fabric will go past the crown without fuss or you'll have to pull and tug just a tad more to get it over. If you find you're having a hard time getting the fabric over your crown, just take your hand and lift the fabric off of your nape, giving you more fabric to work with. 

Essentially, you want the crown to be as flat as possible, so use your hand to push that fabric as flat as your hair allows.

Step Three:  Cross your two pieces of fabric. Once you are done crossing, take that extra fabric from the crown that you've got and pull it under the cross of the two larger pieces of fabric. Once the fabric is under, pull the two pieces of larger fabric tightly, and quickly create a knot to keep the crown fabric from coming undone. 

Step Four: Tie the two pieces of fabric in a large bow. Make sure you open up the inside of each end of the bow to create a larger effect. If you have extra fabric after creating your bow, just tuck each end inside of the bow; this will give your ends more fluff.

Step Five: If you have hair out on the sides, tuck it in. This is also the time to fix the hair that's out in the front. 

Time to make it pretty for the day! 

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